Orthodontic Treatments in Carson, CA

The Importance of Orthodontic Treatments for Your Oral Health

Are you having misalignment issues with your smile? Having straight teeth is important to your smile, not just because they enhance your smile’s confidence and aesthetics but also because they play a pivotal role in maintaining overall oral health. Crooked teeth can disrupt digestion, impede speech, promote further misalignment, and increase the risk of oral diseases.

Fortunately, at Carson Dental Care, our experienced Carson, CA dentist, Dr. Maria Cecilia Aluning offers a number of orthodontic treatments. These effective solutions can correct dental misalignment, ensuring both cosmetic and health benefits. Call Carson Dental Care at (310) 549-5580 to learn more about our orthodontic treatments, or keep reading our helpful orthodontic treatments guide below.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment involves correcting the alignment and positioning of teeth to improve their appearance and function, typically using fixed or removable appliances like braces or aligners. At Carson Dental Care, we provide four methods of orthodontic treatment: traditional metal braces, Invisalign®, OrthoFX™, and retainers. Each of these orthodontic methods comes with its own particular strengths, which is why it is imperative to consult a dental professional like Dr. Aluning to decide which is best for you. 

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatments

  • Improved Smile: Orthodontic treatments can correct misaligned teeth, creating a straighter, more attractive smile that boosts confidence and self-esteem.
  • Enhanced Oral Health: Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean, reducing the risk of dental issues such as cavities and gum disease. This leads to better overall oral health.
  • Optimized Bite: Orthodontics can correct bite problems like overbites, underbites, and crossbites, improving the way teeth come together and function. This can reduce the risk of issues like jaw pain and excessive wear on teeth.
  • Speech Improvement: Some speech impediments are related to dental misalignments, and orthodontic treatment can help improve speech clarity and articulation.
  • Easier Chewing: Orthodontics can make teeth more capable of proper chewing. Correctly aligned teeth enable more efficient and comfortable chewing, aiding in proper digestion and overall nutrition.
  • Prevention of Dental Trauma: Protruding or misaligned teeth are more vulnerable to injury, and orthodontics can help reduce the risk of dental trauma.
  • Aesthetic and Psychological Benefits: A well-aligned smile enhances facial aesthetics and can have a positive impact on a person’s psychological well-being, leading to increased self-confidence and social comfort.
  • Long-Term Dental Stability: Orthodontic treatment can contribute to a stable and functional dental structure that lasts a lifetime, potentially reducing the need for future dental work.
  • Customized Solutions: Orthodontic treatment plans are tailored to each individual’s specific needs, ensuring a personalized approach to achieving a healthy and beautiful smile.

Metal Braces

Braces are orthodontic devices used to correct the alignment of teeth in the upper and lower jaws. They consist of metal brackets, wires, and bands that work together to gradually move teeth into their proper positions, straightening your teeth and aligning your smile.

Benefits of Metal Braces 

Retainers: Post-Orthodontic Treatments

Retainers are orthodontic devices designed to maintain the alignment of teeth and prevent them from shifting back to their original positions after orthodontic treatment, such as braces or aligners. These custom-made, removable orthodontic appliances are typically made of plastic or metal wires and are worn by patients as directed by their orthodontist, often initially full-time and later on a reduced schedule.

Benefits of Retainers


Invisalign is a brand of clear aligners, a type of orthodontic treatment that uses a series of transparent, custom-made plastic trays to gradually shift and align teeth. Unlike original braces with metal wires and brackets, Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible. The Invisalign treatment process typically involves a series of aligners that are changed every few weeks to promote the desired tooth movement. 

Benefits of Invisalign 


OrthoFX is a clear aligner system similar to Invisalign, used for orthodontic treatment. Like Invisalign, OrthoFX aligners are designed to discreetly and gradually correct the alignment of teeth without the use of traditional metal braces.

Benefits of OrthoFX

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