Family Dentistry in Carson, CA

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Trusted Dental Care for Your Entire Family

Maintaining your oral health is a necessity for patients of every age. At Carson Dental Care, we take pride in providing quality dental care to patients of all ages. Our Carson family dentist, Dr. Maria Cecilia Aluning, offers family dentistry services to ensure each patient gets the care they need for a beautiful smile and excellent oral health. To schedule an appointment at Carson Dental Care, call our office today at (310) 549-5580.

What Is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry refers to dental services provided to patients across all age ranges, with a focus on young children and teenagers. Family dentistry includes general and preventive dentistry measures such as routine exams and tooth cleanings. However, Dr. Aluning also provides services geared specifically toward younger patients, such as the HealthyStart System.

Our Family Dentistry Services

Dental Cleanings and Exams

Attending routine dental cleanings and exams at least once every six months is one of the best ways to maintain your oral health. During a standard dental exam, Dr. Aluning will examine the entirety of the mouth and throat using sight, touch, and advanced dental technology

If a problem looks like it’s about to develop, or has already developed, regular exams help ensure your family dentist can intervene as soon as possible for the best treatment results. As your child is growing, we’ll keep a close eye on them to help ensure their adult teeth grow properly and stay healthy. 

Professional cleanings, a standard part of every exam, involve our hygienist removing plaque and tartar from areas where it’s hard for a standard toothbrush and floss to reach. They’ll use special tools that help dig the bacteria-laden substances out of these nooks and crannies. They’ll also polish and floss every individual tooth, then have you rinse with a simple fluoride treatment. Removing bacterial build-up and having a professional polish of your teeth can help prevent serious issues like periodontal disease while improving your smile. 

Patient Education

Dental hygiene education is a commonly overlooked aspect of oral health. When your children see us, we’ll make sure to instruct them on the proper ways to care for their teeth and gums when they’re at home. We’ll also instruct you on how to help them maintain their smiles, providing tips for making at-home dental care fun to encourage engagement.    

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a simple, affordable, painless way to protect any smile. These plastic-like barriers are simply painted onto the molars which are the most vulnerable to cavities. This vulnerability is due to the unique grooves in the teeth, which encourage the accumulation of food particles and make cleaning them effectively much harder. Sealants are especially useful for children, who often have a harder time taking good care of their teeth and have a fondness for sugary sweets.

HealthyStart System

HealthyStart is an alternative orthodontic system for younger patients, which helps straighten their developing adult teeth and open their airways. The HealthyStart System utilizes pre-planned appliances without metal brackets or wires to solve issues with misalignment and sleep-disordered breathing. 

Treating these issues early in life helps prevent them from progressing to more serious stages. HealthyStart appliances only need to be worn for a few hours a day, are painless, and are much more affordable than traditional braces.

Frequently Asked Questions

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At our Carson dental office, Dr. Aluning and our dental team are ready and equipped to maintain your smile and the smile of every member of your family. Our dentist offers family dentistry services to patients from Carson and surrounding areas such as Torrance, Long Beach, and Signal Hill, CA. 

If you’re interested in receiving quality dentistry regardless of age, then contact Carson Dental Care by dialing (310) 549-5580. You can also fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and one of our friendly team members will get back to you shortly.       

“Excellent Excellent Excellent. If I Could Give 10 Stars I Would. I Brought My 2 Kids, 8&7 To Get Their Tooth’s Extracted. Dr. Aluning And Staff Made My Kids Extremely Comfortable. This Is A Lost Art When It Comes To Dentistry. I Haven’t Met Anyone Who’s Happy To Go To The Dentist. I Can Tell You That I’m Now Excited To Go To The Dentist And See What Work May Need To Be Done. I 1000% Recommend CARSON DENTAL CARE!!! Thank You!!!”

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