Dental Implants in Carson, CA

Restoring Your Smile For Life

Have you had a tooth extraction, or lost a tooth due to trauma or infection? The American College of Prosthodontists estimates that over 178 million Americans have lost at least one permanent tooth. 

Tooth loss can pose a serious threat to your overall health. Open wounds and empty spaces left behind by missing teeth can pose significant risk of infection and other oral health related issues. Dentures and bridges can offer some relief, but they can’t provide adequate protection against tooth loss related health issues.   

For a long term solution to tooth loss that seals the wound and does the most to replace your teeth and fortify your smile, Dr. Aluning recommends dental implants. 

The Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are lifelike restorations that look and function like real teeth! They have a number of advantages over other restoration methods which make them the preferred method for restoring the look and function of your smile. Those advantages include:

  • Durability – Dental implants are the longest-lasting method of restoring your smile because they replace your natural tooth root. They can last 20 years to a lifetime with proper care. 
  • Stability – Your dental implants will be anchored to your jawbone via biocompatible titanium posts. These posts will fuse to your jawbone in a process called osseointegration, so no matter what you do, they’ll stay in your mouth where they belong.  
  • Health Benefits – Dental implants provide added protection against tooth loss related health issues such as loss of jawbone density or resorption, TMJ or temporomandibular disorder, indigestion, poor speech, dental misalignment, and gum disease.  
  • Natural appearance – Our stunning dental crowns sit atop your titanium implant and are the only part of your restoration visible above the gum line. They’ll look and feel as comfortable as your natural teeth, so you’ll smile with confidence.
  • Easy care – Caring for your implants is easy — just brush and floss every day to keep your implants clean. We also recommend visiting our Carson dental office for bi-annual routine professional cleanings and exams.

The Dental Implant Process

While there are multiple steps involved in the dental implant process, you could be enjoying new, custom made restorations within three to six months depending on your case. 


Before you receive your custom made dental implants, Dr. Aluning and her team will deep clean your teeth and gums. This will give Dr. Aluning a clearer picture of your mouth, helping her diagnose any underlying oral health issues that need to be treated before implant surgery. 

Depending on your level of oral health, Dr. Aluning may recommend supplemental procedures such as bone grafting to give you a better chance at implant success. After all supplemental procedures have been conducted and it’s been decided that you’re a good candidate for dental implants, you’ll be scheduled for surgery. 

Dental Implant Surgery 

To ensure that your implant surgery is painless, we’ll apply a local anesthetic. Then Dr. Aluning will make incisions in your gums where your implants will be placed. After placing your implants, the incisions will be sewn shut and you’ll have temporary crowns installed until you’ve fully healed. 

Osseointegration, the process that fuses your jawbone to your implants, usually takes about six months. However, your healing time can vary based on a number of factors including your body’s unique biology. Once your implants have completely healed, we’ll schedule you for your last appointment in the dental implant process. 

Your Permanent Dental Implants

Your permanent dental crowns sit on top of the titanium ‘roots’ of the implant, recreating the structure of your natural teeth. These will be your permanent restorations for the foreseeable future.

We’ll also customize your dental crowns to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth or create a brand new smile to brighten your appearance. Either way, you’ll walk out of our office that day with your new permanent smile!

Frequently Asked Questions

An older woman smiling, revealing her dental implants.

Carson Dental Care & Dental Implants For A Lasting Smile

If you’ve lost teeth or need to have a tooth extracted, Dr. Aluning recommends dental implants for a lasting, healthy smile. Unlike dentures or bridges, your dental implants can give your smile all the look and function of real teeth, while being indistinguishable from your natural teeth. 

To start your journey to a strong, healthy smile, contact our Carson, CA office by dialing (310) 549-5580 or filling out our contact form. Dr. Aluning and her team at Carson Dental Care are excited to design your new permanent smile. 

I’ve been going to Carson Dental Care for a few years now. Dr. Maria is an amazing dentist, she is very passionate about oral care and as a bonus she’s equally as passionate about your overall health. She’s a gentle dentist which is perfect for those that have a fear of dentists. She listens to the patients, addresses their concerns and comes up with a treatment plan that is beneficial to the patient. The staff is just as wonderful, I adore the staff (they’re like my dental family). Marleen is the office mgr and she is so welcoming. Bottom line, I love this dentist office… I highly recommend her to anyone. Call today for an appointment. You won’t be disappointed.

-Yolanda R.