BruxZir Same-Day Dental Crowns in Carson, CA

Restore Your Smile With Same-Day BruxZir Dental Crowns

Are you in need of dental repair? Are you looking to restore form and function to a tooth after damage, reinforce it after root canal therapy, or need a restoration for an implant? Do you want to skip the wait that comes with most restorations? 

If so, Dr. Aluning of Carson Dental Care offers same-day BruxZir NOW dental crowns. Keep reading to learn more about these versatile restorations and the many ways they can help enhance your smile. 

dental crown

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are cap-like, tooth-shaped restorations, customized to look like natural teeth. Dental crowns have many uses that make them an indispensable part of restorative dentistry. They often serve as the restorations for singular dental implants. They can also be fitted over a tooth to help restore its form and function while protecting it against further damage. 

However, traditional crowns can take a while to be made. This can mean you’ll have to go without a tooth or continue on with your damaged tooth while you wait on your restoration. To combat the inconvenience of long wait times, Dr. Aluning is proud to offer same-day BruxZir® NOW dental crowns

What Are BruxZir NOW Dental Crowns?

BruxZir NOW dental crowns are restorations that serve the same purpose as any other dental crown. However, these restorations are produced the same day as your appointment with the innovative™ In-Office Mill. The is a chairside fabrication device smaller than an average microwave that can craft a fully formed restoration right here at our Carson, CA office. 

Benefits of Same-Day BruxZir NOW dental crowns include: 

  • Complete and available for installation in under one hour
  • BruxZir Zirconia is three times stronger and more durable than porcelain and other tooth-colored materials 
  • Digital in-office design gives Dr. Aluning greater control over the final product
  • Better fit than traditional porcelain crowns 
  • Stain resistant
  • Can last 15 years to a lifetime with good oral hygiene and regular exams 
  • Simple restoration
  • Addresses cracks, chips, discoloration, erosion, and much more
  • Improves the appearance of your smile
  • Helps restore bite force to your natural teeth
  • Reduces dental sensitivity
  • Seamlessly blends with your natural smile

Treatment With BruxZir NOW Dental Crowns

Initial Consultation

Before you can have your zirconia dental crowns installed, your cosmetic dentist, Dr. Aluning will have you attend an initial consultation. During your initial consultation, your cosmetic dentist will evaluate your oral health with a thorough exam. This will include taking X-rays with the PreXion3D Excelsior CBCT Scanner. She’ll also review your medical history and ask you questions about what you’re hoping for from the treatment.

Designing Your BruxZir NOW Dental Crowns

Once Dr. Aluning has approved you for treatment with dental crowns, she’ll take 3D images and impressions of your teeth using the iTero® Intraoral Scanner. These images will serve as the necessary blueprints that allow your crowns to be fabricated with the With 3D imaging from iTero, you’ll even be able to see how your custom-made, same-day crowns will look once they’re finished. 

Creating Your BruxZir Zirconia Crowns

The will manufacture your new dental crown, right there in our Carson office while you wait. In less than an hour, your restoration will be ready for installation. 

Installing Your BruxZir NOW Same-Day Dental Crown

The installation technique will vary based on the treatment you’re receiving. If you’re undergoing implant placement, the crown will be placed over the post after a period of healing. If you’re undergoing treatment with the same-day dental crown by itself, your natural tooth will be shaped into a base. Then, the BruxZir same-day dental crown will be fitted over the tooth by your Carson cosmetic dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Better Smiles In Less Time With BruxZir Dental Crowns

At Carson Dental Care, patients in need of restoration and repair can quickly enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile again. Using BruxZir Now same-day zirconia crowns, cosmetic dentist Dr. Aluning can help you achieve the aesthetic and oral health goals you’re craving, in less than a day’s time. Dr. Aluning is proud to offer her expertise in restoring smiles to patients from Carson and surrounding areas such as Torrance, Long Beach, and Signal Hill, CA.

To learn more about fast-acting, versatile BruxZir NOW dental crowns, call our Carson office by dialing (310) 549-5580. You can also fill out and submit the contact form at the bottom of the page and a friendly team member will get back to you shortly.