OrthoFX™ Clear Aligners in Carson, CA

Simpler, More Affordable, Invisible Orthodontics With OrthoFX

Orthodontic treatments have undergone numerous advancements over the years. Today, most patients prefer to straighten their teeth without relying on traditional metal braces due to factors such as appearance, comfort, and treatment time, opting for clear aligners instead. If you want to take advantage of an affordable clear alignment system that offers even more benefits than its competitors, Dr. Aluning of Carson Dental Care now offers the OrthoFX™ orthodontic treatment system.

What is OrthoFX?

OrthoFX is an orthodontic system that utilizes clear aligner trays instead of metal. Like other clear aligner brands, OrthoFX aligner trays are removable, clear, and custom-made to fit your unique dental profile. However, what sets OrthoFX apart from the competitors’ clear aligner brands is a unique blend of advanced technology, support, & specially made FXTetra polymer material that streamlines treatment.

What Makes OrthoFX Different?

Appointment Scheduling & TrackingTechnology

OrthoFX makes use of advanced FXOnTrack remote monitoring technology, a combination of AI and human intelligence that tracks your progress and sends advanced alerts to your dentist if your treatment is off track. That way, you only visit your dentist when you need to, which can reduce visits by up to 40 percent.

Comfortable & Timely Treatment

The material used in OrthoFX aligner trays is a specially made, three-layer, clear polymer called FXTetra, that exerts optimized aligner forces on your smile. This means that your trays apply more precise, more effective pressure on your teeth to gradually guide them into place. However, this pressure is greatly reduced, usually by up to 40 percent

These optimized forces result in more timely treatment, as well as treatment that’s more comfortable and involves minimal pain. More timely treatment also means you can expect to change your aligner trays every week instead of every two to four weeks like competitor brands.

Prevents Mid-Course Corrections

OrthoFX offers Rescue Aligner, a highly elastic polymer technology that can bring an off-track treatment back to the intended stage of the original plan. Rescue aligner technology is capable of correcting a treatment that’s up to four weeks off-course.  

Clearer Than Most Clear Aligners

FXTetra polymer is even more clear than that of competitor brands like Invisalign® and ClearCorrect®, making your treatment even more discreet.

Stain Resistance & Integrated Whitening

Staining often causes competitor clear aligner brands to become visible, which makes your smile look unattractive. OrthoFX aligners are stain resistant, helping them stay invisible and keeping your treatment discreet. Furthermore, to help keep your smile brilliant, the OrthoFX retainers included in your treatment are made with FXTetra Bright polymer, a material that makes your teeth look whiter without using chemicals.


To help remove cost as a barrier to treatment, we offer OrthoFX with a two year, interest-free financing plan. 

Award Winning Support

You’ll never have to wonder where help is if you need it. It’s easy to reach our US team of experts online by emailing support@care.orthofx.com or by dialing (415) 936-0006 during our business hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

OrthoFX: Affordable Treatment & A Better Smile In Less Time

With OrthoFX, your smile can be effectively straightened at a fraction of the cost, while you enjoy benefits that outperform our competitors. To learn more about OrthoFX clear aligners, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Aluning at our Carson office, dial (310) 549-5580. You can also contact Carson Dental Care by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the page and a friendly team member will get back to you shortly.